Hang Up, 2018, 15” x 15” unframed, mixed media on paper

Hang Up, 2018, 15” x 15” unframed, mixed media on paper

Hana Kark is a single and a collective art identity.


The mission of Hana Kark is to make visual art in communal conditions, emulating what is common to theater, music and film.  Hana Kark recognizes that every artist is an id-entity and a collective being. Therefore, all Hana Kark art is made by groups of artists in collaborative projects, allowing for individual spontaneity and playfulness within each project’s prescribed limits.


Hana Kark believes that art is vital to both audience and makers. Each new project gives Hana Kark the opportunity to creatively rethink audience encounters with art.  Hana Kark also provides artists with new ways of creative play and artist support.


Hana Kark is now a single module, but the goal is to reproduce the model with other artist groups. Each stand-alone module gives artists an expanded local presence.  Over time, clusters of modules can choose to work together to bring regional or national attention to social justice issues and the ways that artists are compensated in current economies. 

The group, Hana-Kark, was brought together in 2018 by Nancy Turner to test the hypothesis that individual artists, practicing in a variety of media, with different philosophical approaches and from around the world, could work individually at a distance on the same surface to produce imaginative, coherent work. As participants, we view this project as an extension of our own current art practices. The initial project, Rut/Route/Lane, exceeded our expectations and with that, the group has continued to develop a variety of collaborative experiments to exhibit. Hana-Kark has accepted an invitation to participate in an artist’s residency this summer at The Art Gallery @GCC, Glendale Community College. We look forward to many more projects as our newly formed collective we call Hana Kark.

Her son’s residencies and travels in India and Pakistan led Nancy Kay Turner to the book, “Karkhana: A Contemporary Collaboration” (Hammad Nasar, ed.).  Its beautiful reproductions showed her the process and final works by six contemporary artists who worked in successive layers to create twelve collaborative works, a process conceived by the artist Muhammad Imran Qureshi. The structure for the project was deeply inspired by traditional Mughal Empire book and miniature making.  In addition, all participating artists had trained together in miniature painting in Pakistan. 

In 2016, Turner decided to try layered collaborations, first with Chris Russell and then with Margaret Lazzari.  After encouraging results, Turner invited Carlyn Clark, Luke Reichle, Caryl St. Ama and Portico Bowman to try a more complicated collaboration. 

Finally, with the addition of Johnny Fox, Turner had eight artists of different ages and diverse geographic locations to participate in an intensive layered collaboration: 8 artists, 16 pieces, 8 months culminating in an exhibit, “Rut/Route/Lane,” accompanied by a publication. 

The “Rut/Route/Lane” work looked so seamless that some viewers thought it was one person’s work. Light bulb!! We decided to reconstruct our identities to form “Hana Kark,” who now has with a body of work, a summer residency at Glendale College, and participating role at Kolaj Fest, New Orleans.