Hana Kark has been in residency at The Art Gallery @ GCC at Glendale City College in Glendale, CA for 8 weeks (mid-July through mid-September 2019), which has opened up opportunities for new ways to structure collaborative art making.

For example, "Chromatic Collaborations" has four artists who each work alone to produce 25 small panels of each primary and secondary color. Then, when the works are shown collaboratively, all the small panels are intermingled into a single mosaic-like work with rich textures and amazing color combinations. At this time, only blue, orange, green and some red panels are finished; stay tuned for the rest of the work!

"Self-Portrait Portrait" is the second new mode of collaboration, with each of the eight members sharing a digital self-portrait with all other members. Each artist then produces a new work which is "portrait" of the original "self-portrait." The result is a fascinating personality slice and re-presentation of ourselves.

Five of the eight original members were able to be present in the Art Gallery for the residency, and all worked with the encaustic painting set-up in the gallery. In addition, two artists working together produced long scrolls of encaustic monoprints, a collaboration which completely blends individual efforts into one work.

The residency will culminate in a closing exhibition on September 21.